Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ghost Picture In The Field

Okai to all the people who say that ghosts me ,and 6b of my friends all have this one little girl hunting us with black hair and she looks like she is from the 1900's or something.Oh and by the way u dont know everything so stop saying that u can tell when their fake and u know that it can be made fake and by the way most of the pics were from a long time ago and they didn't have the stuff to make fake pics so stop saying that there fake .!!! Gesse people oh and i hate people who don't open their mind


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ghost In Front Of The House

the pictures are amazing, though with most of the pics, they were taken in the Early 1900's. I doubt a lot of ppl knew about the camera tricks back then. I don't doubt the idea of ghosts or spirits or energy, their's a lot of controversy between if there are or there arn't any spirits. Though its all in what YOU want to believe yourself.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Spookie Road Ghost

Ever single picture is either a chop or light reflections. Its obvious when there is light reflecting off the faces in different patterns then those of the faces of actual people. And the dude walking in the church is a motion blur, my daughter can do those....
Cool pictures but hardly proof for me. The odds that ghosts are real seem pretty darn slim. The idea that a dead body would have some kind of floating thing-a-ma-jig that floats around the natural world. I wonder if we could float through space and time? What would we be made out of? I hope ghosts are real, cause its cool, but frankly I have to assume they're not for now. Still... it's fun to be spooked sometimes :D BOO!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ghost Emperor Picture

To all those " Ghosts aren't real.", "Join the 21st Century, ghosts don't exist." and of course "Blah blah blah, I'm a uppity shwaz". What happened in your lives that took away your ability to see the truly interesting things going on in the world around you? And how exactly do you know? Did you get a copy of the 'Manual to Everything in the World', and I didn't? What kind of egotistical crap is that? Do you have proof-positive? Prove that ghosts aren't real. Please. Then I'll throw out some personal stories, that happened to me mind you, in retort. I DO believe, cause I've seen. Sooooooo, nah.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chicago Weird Ghost Picture

I believe these are real...I personally have seen, been pushed, and had someone or something call my name twice...Not all at once, years apart, but I know these pictures are not phony, and if they are, I still know that these things exist. I feel sorry for those who do not believe. I guess its one of those things, u have to see to believe. However, during the investigation (which was conducted during one of our tours), a guest named Kayla Hendricks took this picture:

Some say that they see the face of an angry Roosevelt in the flash - he's back, and he's PISSED! In reality, this is probably just a psychological trick - our brains are trained to look for shapes like faces in random noise like this (and the fact that we're happy to tell you this is one way you can tell that we're REAL ghost hunters here at Weird Chicago, not quacks!) But you never know...


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